for athletes


A super-concentrate for a strong and flexible joints

Is physical exercise putting a strain on your body? Or have you reached an age where your joints and skin call for support? We help you take in the necessary nutrients with our super-concentrate containing an extra dose of collagen to supplement sweet pineapple and sea buckthorn. So you can enjoy the refreshing sweet taste and the finest fruit flavour and provide for the flexibility of your joints and skin.



Curly Kale

Our ancestors’ long forgotten natural vitamin bomb repackaged.

You can’t eat enough fresh vegetables day after day despite knowing that it is winter time when you should replenish your body with minerals and vitamins? Here’s our solution to your dilemma: curly kale ground to a powder, is a super food that contains all of the essential amino-acids, along with the health protecting omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in their most easily utilised form. It is also rich in vitamins A, C, E, K and B6.


Maca Negra

Helps boost and maintain performance in all aspect of our lives

Since Black Maca has a great combination of proteins, minerals and vitamins, consuming Black Maca can quickly boost energy and maintain this elevated state. It is really beneficial for athletes, and to people who do heavy physical work or even intellectual work because you will not only become more persistent but it also improves focus.


Lifebuoy Extra

The tastiest detoxifier and anti-inflammatory food supplement

Have you long decided to go on a detoxifying diet but just haven’t been able to actually start it? Or are you afraid to lose your dynamic while being on a diet? Or would you like to get rid of the unpleasant symptoms of chronic inflammations in various body parts?
Here’s one solution: our super-concentrate of vegetables is a super tasty product, so you might as well take it as a dessert while at the same time alleviating symptoms of inflammations or just detoxify everyone in your family, with the power of beetroots boosted by the power of carrots.



Lion’s Mane Instant


There are several well-known health benefits of this mushroom.

Strengthens the stomach and the digestive tract safeguarding against the development of ulcers.

Helps fighting nervousness, anxiety, stress and sleep disorders.

Has an antibacterial effect and boosts the immune system.


Red lion

A super-concentrate mineral supply

Can’t eat enough vegetables day after day, even though you know that it would do your body good because stress consumes all of its minerals? Or do your children refuse to eat enough vegetables, even though they would need them most for healthy growth? Here’s our solution: our vegetable crystal is very tasty indeed, so you can even take it as a dessert, while replenishing your body with all of those essential minerals so you can keep going throughout the day, day after day.


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